Saturday, 27 February 2016

Creative Writing 3, Chin Ray

When I was a child, I well remember being at home, feeling utterly bored. It was then when I saw a shiny looking device on the floor; my curiosity was piqued as I headed forward to take a closer look. " This is the device that dad use to make himself look handsome!" I thought, with an impish grin. Casting furtive glances around my surroundings, I then used that device and shave it all over my face. " What are you doing?" a voice rang out, turning behind, a tidal wave of realisation hit me, I knew that I was done for. " Off to you bed!" mum barked with indignance. Looking at the sun, which was baking the ground without mercy, my legs went wobbly and my arms went weak as I knelt down and begged my mum. However, my efforts were futile, and mum's persistence got the better of me.
  Grumbling in vexed annoyance, I slowly made my way back to my room. I could only hear mu rubber soles squeaking against the wooden surface while I sulked miserably. Wearing my night clothing, as slow as possible to kill time, the sound of children laughter outside just built up my anger, "Why can't I have some fun?" I murmured, rolling my eyes in disgust
  "Where am I?" I thought, looking at my surroundings; all I saw was pitch black, with silence in the room screaming at me. It was then I felt a faint but distinct touch, instantaneously my arms I froze. Too tired to anything, I simply heaved a sign of relief as it tugged me in bed.
  Waking up next morning, I was puzzled with who was that thing or person last night, till this day this very question still haunts me.

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