Friday, 26 February 2016

Creative Task 3 by Goh Ray Wehn

     When I was a child, I well remember that I was using my bare hands to catch fish in my fish tank. But what was worse, was that I would hole the small fishes in my tiny hands, run across the living room, dripping water as I ran, and feed them to my pet turtle. When my mother saw the wet floor, “Go to your bed!” She shouted at me. I immediately lay on the floor and wiped the floor with my shirt. “ It’s dry!” I told my mother, but she only pointed to my room.

    I walked slowly to my room, dragging my feet across the floor, I entered my room, and closed the door shut. I was bored, really bored. I had nothing to do but sleep.

    I lay on my bed, starring at the blank wall, the more it somehow turned uglier. Then, I closed my eyes and slept. When I woke up, it was dark, I was thrown into darkness, my worst nightmare. Just then, I felt someone’s hand touching my hand. I was scared. I thought the possibilities of what could happened. My mind was blank, and I slept again.

   When I woke up, I looked around me, but saw no one. Who did the hand belong to? I never knew.

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