Thursday, 25 February 2016

Yew Chin Siang_S1-04_25_Creative Writing Task3

 When I was a child, I well remember myself eating a bowl of instant noodles. I will always remember getting reprimanded for not finishing my food so I was afraid that if I couldn't finish this bowl of noodles which had already gone cold, I would get a good scolding or beating. So I thought long and hard for an idea. In two minutes, I miraculously thought of one: hide it! Just as I  took the bowl and was about to put it in the cabinet, a hoarse voice that said,"What are you doing?" stopped me. I turned around and saw my father's puzzled face. After explaining, he laughed and said,"If you really cannot eat anymore, just give it to me." Although he laughed, I was punished and sent to my room. I begged my Father with both hands stuck together like glue, saying,"No! I don't want!" I was still sent to my room in the end anyways but I learnt my lesson.
  I slumped my shoulders and ragged my what felt like a thousand pound foot to bed. I turned on the fan and looked out the window to observe the greenery. My room was dull and the paint was fading. The humming of the fan was as annoying as the most horrible itch I had in my life. After 5 boring minutes of looking at birds chirping and people rollerblading around town, I finally flopped onto my bed and slept.
  Without warning, I suddenly jolted and my head sprang off my pillow. As if it were to be, my head turned around and I saw a shadowy figure standing there, without moving a muscle. I stuttered and shook so hard, because I was terrified, I almost fainted. In the end, three seconds later, I actually fainted. Next morning I woke up with memory of what happened last night before. A figure then walked in, posture almost exactly like the one last night. I said," Dejavu." The figure who was my Father, said,"What?" I replied," Nothing," before walking off.

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