Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Creative Writing Task 3

Creative Writing Task 3

                    When I was a child, I well remember the time when I stole a chocolate. My baby cousin and I were in the house with my mother and aunt. Suddenly, when my baby cousin got hungry, she started shouting and screaming that echoed across the whole house. Instantly my mother went to the kitchen and came back along with my favourite chocolate. She handed to my baby cousin and went into the kitchen to help my aunt. My baby cousin was about to bite the chocolate when I grabbed and ate it. She started sobbing immediately. Hearing her cries, my mother came out and realised that I ate the chocolate as there was a chocolate stain on my shirt. Seeing her angry face, I started trembling thinking about the punishment. I begged her not to send me to bed hugging her. Unfortunately, I was given the punishment.

                        Dragging my feet as slowly as possible I climbed the staircase to my room. I opened the door slowly. My room which always used to be messy was still like that. To kill time slowly, I cleaned the room. Unfortunately, I finished cleaning and had no choice but to go to bed. The room was quiet. The sound of children playing could be heard. The chirps of the birds and the people working could be heard.

                         In the middle of the night, I gained a bit of consciousness. All of a sudden I felt a watery substance on my hand. It felt tickly and comfortable. I did not want it to stop and I remained in my drowsiness.

                           The next morning the sun rose. I was there on my bed in deep thoughts who or what the thing that felt watery on my hand.  Still till today, I do not know what it was.

Khrisha Mayilsamy

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