Saturday, 27 February 2016

Rishi English AA The time traveller.

 AA science fiction final draft
Name: Rishi
Class: S1-04
Register Number: 21
Title: The time traveller
Draft 5

    Time, An endless river that will always flow in one direction. Well, that's what most of us think. But there was a man who thought different. He thought that time was the fourth dimension together with height, length and breadth.A spacecraft moving at 99.5% of the speed of light goes at about ten times the speed of normal time.For example, if you left earth at 2015 and was travelling at 99.5% the speed of light for five years when you return it will be 2055.
    On that fateful night on the 3rd of July, the time traveller sat in his quaint little workshop on the edge of a forest, hammering away at a strange piece of glowing rock. ''Knock, Knock'', the door sounded as if someone was knocking and a young man of about 25 years came in. He had a little moustache and a hook-like nose. He came in and sat down on a chair and keenly observed the time traveller. The time traveller also known as Joseph Martin put in the piece of rock that he had chiselled out into a cube of some sorts with gears everywhere inside it. Joseph then asked his close friend to have a drink of water.The companion then asked Joseph what he had just built.
    Joseph then replied that it was a prototype of a time machine. The companion of Joseph was utterly shocked. His mind reeled from the blow it just had. He started blurting out different ways of using the time machine to get rich using the time machine to which Joseph replied forcefully with a no. He then explained that it was extremely dangerous as it could change the future drastically. The companion nods his head in compliance but in his heart was thinking of different ways of exploiting it. Joseph and the companion both get started on the actual time machine which could fit two people inside it.
    Soon the machine was built. The two hopped into the machine and went back to the past. The years flew by as the machine stood still but the world around it morphed and the travelers felt awestruck shook and rumbled on the river of time.Soon enough they were at the first of September, 1939, the fateful day on which world war 2 began.
    Suddenly, a gunshot sounded. The companion stepped out of the machine and called Joseph who did not respond. The companion frantically tried to wake the Joseph in futility. The companion then checked the Joseph’s pulse. To his shock, there was none. Joseph was dead. There was a severe bullet wound in his chest. The companion then realised that a soldier killed Joseph.
    The companion spent a month stopping the war and then returned to the future. To his horror, the future is without any inventions such as the refrigerator and the radio. After a few moments of pondering, he realises that stopping the war had led to many inventions not being invented yet.
     Soon the companion goes back to the past and begins the war that will signify the death of millions. After making history, the companion returns to the future at 2020 which is now normal. He then goes back to his wife saying ''welcome home Adolf Hitler''.

     Word Count (550)

Somebody: Hitler
Wanted: To stop world war 2
But: No inventions in future
Then: Hitler started world war 2
So: Future is now normal

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