Monday, 29 February 2016

Science Fiction Story Alternative Assessment

               The "Help box" laid before them with paper drooling from the sides. The group of scientists Andy, Joshua and John, set up the "Help box" outside their laboratory for the people to drop their requests to solve their problems. Seeing the box overflowing, they told themselves,"There is nothing to worry, the village is alright,". John, the leader of the group, stepped forward and rooted himself to the ground and started reading the letters one by one. Time flew by; he had finished reading. With a hesitant voice, he announced that all the letters were with the same request.
              Clinching one of the letters, they rushed to the laboratory. As they entered, the light started brightening up the glaring their eyes for a moment. The smell of the chemicals entered their nostrils as it filled the room. The sound of their steps echoed through the whole room. They settled around a round table and read the problem aloud again for ideas. "The rats are eating our plants our harvesting is disturbed by those. Please find a way to control them," one of the villagers had written. Instantly the started their research. Tapping on the keyboard and flipping the pages. In hours, they found out a way to control them. They began on their work. Joshua began working on the machine; Andy started creating the chemicals needed and John the daring went out to look for three rats. Finally after hours work, the material was ready. Slowly and carefully, John the brave one installed the machine in the rats to control them and Andy injected the chemical that was able to kill the other bitten rats. 
               They dashed to one of the farmer's fields to try the solution out. They let the rats out and made them bite the other rats. Everyone's faces were downcasted. The bitten rats were alive! Instead of the rats lying dead, the rats which were bitten continued their journey and went on biting the other rats and the humans around. Within minutes, the whole village was infected with a mysterious disease. Soon the cause was also found, the chemical reaction between the chemical injected and the rat's body caused the creation of the mysterious disease. The virus caused everyone infected to be infected to be paralysed. To put an end to the problem the scientists, with loud stomps reached their lab and the sound of test-tubes banging into each other could be heard. The sound of papers flipping was heard around the laboratory. The solution was found! A radioactive weapon was created by the scientists was able to kill the rats as well as cure the disease.
               They dashed to the village and activated their weapon. Soon after the weapon was used, people's joyous screams could be heard, and the decaying smell of the rats polluted the place. At every inch, lay a dead rat. The villages cleared the mess with the sighs of relief. The faces of the people in the village and the group of scientists enlightened with a gradient smile like a painter's new stroke of paint. 
             In days, the smell of healthy plants could be smelt with the sight of an enormous building with the words, "Science laboratory" with the settlement of the rat killers inside.

Khrisha Mayilsamy

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