Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Creative Writing task 3

    When I was a child, I well remember breaking my friend's tooth. I was in kindergarten, probably having P.E. A few days before that I watched a Kung fu movie, and imitated it in school. I spun around and kicked upwards. To my horror, my friend shrieked in pain. I instantly felt uneasy, seeing blood spilling out of her mouth. I felt guilty. Her tooth broke. The teachers immediately went to her to inspect, prying her fingers off her lips. I was forced to sit on a chair to wait for the teachers to come to me, and access the situation. I apologised, and no punishment was given. Thank God!

    That night, I felt terribly sorry. The eerie dark room of mine was filled with a dim glow of light from the corridor lights outside. I felt reluctant to lie on my bed. I felt so uneasy; I could not close my eyes. The incident kept replaying in my head. I still managed to sleep, though.

    I woke up halfway through the night, the room eerily silent, and I felt a non-existent presence beside me. Was it her? Did she come back for revenge? I felt more guilty, with my heart pounding, I turned over and closed my eyes, to force myself to continue sleeping, so I would forget the incident.

    The next morning, the Sun was bright, the sky blue. I wondered about the previous night. It was not that scary after all. All I did was to stop myself from imagining things. I told what happened in school to my parents again.

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