Saturday, 27 February 2016

Volcano Fighters by Goh Chin Ray

It was the year 2020.The blaring alarm greeted Thomas, Samson and the rest of the team as an announcement rang out, stating that there was an increase in the number of tremors in and around Mount Krakatoa. Something was causing them and it might be the volcano building up to blow. It also warned the team to be extra cautious as Mount Krakatoa was known to have sudden outburst of magma. Upon hearing the announcement, Thomas chuckled, being a seasoned veteran, he thought that they were just exaggerating the situation as he got himself ready for the mission.
After reaching there, Thomas then hastily attached the items to his suit and tapped his feet on the ground, grinning inwardly at the sight of the weak little young trainee, Samson, who was carefully adjusting the gear to perfection before attaching them to his thermal suit. To a young recruit like Samson, the job of being a Volcano Fighter was intense and exhilarating.
“ Guys we will do our usual plan, which we will mine down to the crust and release the gas pressure properly,” Thomas said, beaming with pride.Since volcanic eruption are caused primarily by the build-up of gases under the earth’s crust which is coupled with a chamber of molten rock, or magma, so by releasing the gas pressure beneath the earth’s crust in a controlled manner, it will stop the volcano from erupting.
The team then took out a gadget, which is created to mine through the thick layers of rocks in a matter of seconds. The moment they reached the crust, thick plumes of smoke which billowed from the lava and an eerie orange glow which lit up the surroundings greeted them, making it look like Hades’ lair.
Leading the way with his huge body,Thomas proceeded deeper, finding the perfect spot to let the gas pressure out. “ Here!” he snorted with a huge smirk on his face, right after saying that the first cough came, it was quickly followed by a second,  a tidal wave of realisation hit him as he felt smoke filled with Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrogen Fluoride invading his lungs, blocking his air passage. Shock and horror flickered in his eyes; something had gone dreadfully wrong with his gas mask. Thomas’ lungs burned for oxygen as he admonished himself for not checking his equipment, he was on the verge of fainting.
Samson, upon seeing what happen, dashed out and mined a small hole in that area to let the gas pressure come out, before hoisting Thomas over his shoulders and bolted towards the surface,  the rest who were at a loss for what to do,  simply followed behind Samson, without uttering a single word.
After a while, Thomas mind slowly started to clear up, and he gulped for the oxygen he desperately needed. It felt as though he had woken up from a long drunken stupor.Remorse overwhelmed Thomas, how could he belittle his job? “ Are you alright?” asked Samson. Thomas nodded quietly and said in a grave voice, “ Thank you, you’ve saved me from a dark place,” he reached out his hands and tugged one of Samson’s loose buttons, arranging it prim and proper before smiling at Samson with renewed sparkles in his eyes. This near-death incident had ignited the passion Thomas once had for his courageous job.

Somebody: Thomas and Samson
Wanted: To stop a volcano
But: Thomas fainted in the middle of the mission
Then: Samson dashed a hoisted Thomas and stopped the volcano

So: Samson saved the day

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