Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hong Wei Science Fiction Short Story

Title: The War Between the Eye and the Cube

 “Look at this! Viral videos of the brotherhood of the Illuminati is real!” Rocket, a middle-aged professor in symbolism, had brown hair and bushy eyebrows, talked to his best student in the University library. “That’s as ridiculous as Norse Gods of Asgard!” A young and bright man, Quill, ridiculed.

    Weird-looking people filled the streets, from two different armies, seemed to be at war. They also killed anyone strolling the streets. Flags flew everywhere. Rocket and Quill looked out the window and could recognise the two symbols anywhere. An eye in a triangle, the symbol of the Illuminati. The bright blue cube, the Tesseract, treasure and symbol of Asgard.

    In all broadcasting televisions, appeared the same thing. The representative of the Illuminati, and the other half Odin. The representative said, “For years Vikings believed in Asgard, slaying the Illuminati as we wanted to prove Science was God. Now we want revenge!” Odin just replied, “So be it.”

    An hour ago in another planet, Illuminatus, the last Viking was slain. the Gods had enough, as they witnessed the scene from another planet, Asgard.

    Screaming and fear filled the air. All was shocked that the outsiders killed everyone. Rocket and Quill went to their hideout. The superior weapons could kill without spilling blood. They equipped themselves and went out. Rocket had said, “if we do get separated, let’s meet back here.”

    The bloody corpses on the ground were gruesome while they travelled along. They met the Illuminati soldiers. They wore heavy armour, with guns in their hands. Rocket and Quill fired all their weapons. The soldiers were either blasted out of existence, shot to a different universe or flung to the other end of Earth. The Asgardians soldiers also wore equally heavy armour; however with melee weapons. The Gods hardly came to battle; they commanded the army instead.

    News of Rocket and Quill’s rebellion reached the rulers of both planets. They were to find and capture them. They both destroyed half of Earth, just to find them. Finally they were separated. Rocket was taken by Illuminatus while Quill was snatched up by Asgardians.

    Quill used the teleporter device to get away. Rocket rampaged through all of them. Meeting up again, they saw how both sides came to Earth, by wormhole made by two wormhole machines which they both owned. With wormholes, if you need to take one hundred days to go to a place, it can be greatly shortened to maybe a day! Rocket and Quill managed to destroy both wormhole machines by shooting through the wormhole. They then rounded up both parties together and held them hostage.

    There were two things that both groups had in common, they both had loyalty and brotherhood. The rulers of both planets surrendered. They were sent back and not allowed to come back. There was a celebration for Rocket and Quill by the survivors. They both knew, after this event, all the planets knew that Earth was not one to trifle with.

Word Count: 498

Somebody: Rocket and Quill
Wanted: To defend Earth against a war
But: They got captured by two different parties
Then:They used their gadgets to get away

So: They managed to save Earth

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