Sunday, 28 February 2016

Nandanaa_English AA_Aliens' Revolution

Science Fiction Short Story
Name:Nandanaa Raju(6)
Word Count:550
Final Draft
“10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2….1!” the spacecraft landed on earth with massive force.Astronomer Allie came back home to Earth after a 13-month solo mission researching about aliens. She was pleased to see her beloved husband after such a long period, but little did they know that big shock awaited them.

After a few days, Allie was continually sick. Upon witnessing the sickening situation of Allie, her husband thought it was advisable to consult a doctor. During the visit to a physician, they were shocked to discover that Allie was pregnant despite the fact of her being infertile for years. Allie and her husband were bewildered upon knowing the truth. As it is a solo mission, it’s impossible for her to get pregnant.

The shocked couple were desperate to know the reason for pregnancy.With a lot of questions still unanswered in their heads, they went to consult a doctor. The couple explained detail to the doctor what had happened. Upon hearing the situation, the doctor himself was shocked to hear that. He suggested to visit him the next day to take a scan. With the disappointment that their questions were still unanswered, they went home.

They went to the doctor again. The scan was taken. After the scan, which seemed like an eternity, Allie returned to the consulting room. The reports of the scan arrived in a short while. Allie’s and her husband’s eyes were transfixed on the scan report. The doctor had read the scan for many times before the sweat glands started to produce sweat droplets. The fertilised egg developing in Allie’s womb does not seem to be a human egg. Instead, an alien’s egg! They could not abort the alien e.g. as abortion for alien egg has not been discovered yet.
Allie and her husband could not believe their ears. They got a shock of their life. They were desperate to find out the reasons for the pregnancy and get answers to all their unanswered questions.They decided to do further research on how she got pregnant with an alien egg, and what was the motive of the aliens to get a human pregnant with an alien's egg.

 After some time, the research was finally done! Even though they could find out how they found out about the motive of the aliens. The motive was to eliminate human species from the earth and conquer the whole of planet earth.That was why they planted an alien’s egg into Allie’s womb without her knowledge. As they knew, there is no way to abort an alien egg as abortion has only been found for human’s egg.
Tears brimmed up in Allie’s eyes.She broke down when she knew that she was going to be the reason for the humans’ extinction.They consulted the doctor again. The doctor said that there was no way other than to fear about the future or to kill Allie herself to prevent the alien egg from growing.

 Helpless Allie had to know another choice than to sacrifice herself for the earth’s well-being.  Sacrificing herself is better than to be selfish and let all the others die. With tears in her eyes and hopelessness on her face, she waved goodbye to her beloved husband and went away.

 Somebody: Allie
Wanted: Allie wanted human species to exist.
But: Allie was pregnant with an alien egg
Then: Allie could not abort the alien egg as abortion have not been found for an alien egg.
So: So, Allie has no other way then to sacrifice herself to save others

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