Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nandanaa Raju_Creative Writing Task 1


Nandanaa Raju(6)
Creative Writing Task 1
Earliest Memories

My brother was admiring himself in the mirror. Probably,  proud that he got his new year T-shirt. His eyes were gleaming with pride, his hands adjusting his shirt and his stiff hair. His face had a child-like glee.

    A place where I always wanted to play. Even though I could not there all the time, my heart always yearns to be there. The corridor outside my house but in India. I did not need toys and objects to place with sand but just friends.

    My sofa which was with me since the day I shifted to a house in Singapore. It has been always with me and will be with me forever. It was with my when I played, laughed, talked, cried, slept, ate, studied and more. Even though is also my age, it takes good care of me and is beside me all the time. I love my sofa. It is not only a sofa but also a soulmate.

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