Friday, 26 February 2016

  Name: Sim Hng Kang
    Class: S1-04
       AA Science fiction short story

An icy cold chill went down John’s spine. He could hear loud ear-piercing sirens everywhere. Leading a team of twenty, they soon spotted the mysterious “creature”.

      The “creature” had four green, slimy legs, two bulky heads, eight slimy and sticky hands that each held a laser rifle gun equipped with special explosive bullets. John’s contingent stood rooted to the ground, clasping their hands over their mouth.
John questioned, “what do you want from the Navy?” “I don’t want any of your things. I came here to invade the planet Earth,” the alien explained ferociously. “But why the earth?”John protested. “Because you humans do too much harm to our world. I have to stop you before you ruin our world. Half of our world is covered in dark black choking smoke that makes us cough badly.” It explained, ”you produce the smoke from factories, and the smoke rose up to the neighbouring planets. Our planet is the closest to yours.”
       Without another word, it “flew” off. They marched through buildings of crushed debris. Suddenly, they ran into the creature again. But this time, it was not only itself. They had discovered the camp of the whole army. Stupefied, John kept his mouth shut tight. John and his team stayed down low, in order to not get spotted. There were also some strange circular-looking UFOs.

       The aliens carried some gigantic boxes into the UFOs. After that, some of the UFOs blasted off into space with some alien crew in it.

      Out of the blue, an alien spotted their hiding place. “Who are you?” the gigantic creature questioned as it grabbed them in one hand. Its body towered over them, staring daggers at John’s team with two big bulgy eyes. John’s courage melted away at the sight of it. At the sight of them not saying a word, the aliens threw them to their respective cages and kept them as prisoners.

John caught a glimpse of what is inside one of those boxes when he looked out of the cages. It was a factory that had been shrunk! John thought: why would they need to put a factory inside a box? The reason for their actions suddenly dawned on him. Thus, he began to think and think and thus thought of a brilliant idea.

    “Hey! Aliens, come over here! I need to tell you something!” John shouted at the top of his lungs. All the aliens gathered around his cage. “Why don’t we come to an agreement that we reduce the smoke that we produce?” John suggested, while looking at them with much hope. The aliens discussed the matter among themselves. The aliens thought that it was a good suggestion as if there were lesser smoke produced, they would not cough so badly anymore, and it was very reasonable.  “We agree to your deal,” one of the aliens replied. “We will sign a fifty-year contract with your presidents.” A few moments later, a contract was printed out.

    All the presidents were gathered to sign the contract. After the contract was signed, the aliens released all the prisoners and returned back to their planet. The alien invasion was finally over and every fifty years, our presidents would meet these creatures from another world...
(542 words)

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