Thursday, 7 April 2016

Joshua Lee(visual text analysis)

Image: This is an image of a Nike sneaker with a wooden background and the two captions with a pair of scissors and a dotted line separating the two captions.

Linguistic features: This poster says that "some kids wear it" and "some kids make it". This shows that child labour is being used to make these shoes and while some fortunate children can wear it, less fortunate ones make it.

Textual features: The captions of the poster are in capital letters and have also been bolded, this is to draw the readers attention to the two statements  and raise awareness of child labour used in major companies such as the sports shoe manufacturer Nike.

Typographical features: One of the less subtle elements of this poster is that there is a pair of scissors and a dotted line that separates the statements"some kids wear it." and "some kids make it." This signifies that to most people, the statement that"some kids make it" has been "cut off" from their knowledge and companies are trying to prevent people becoming aware of it.

Layout: The Nike shoe image is placed in the centre of the poster to focus attention on to the message and meaning of the shoe, this allows readers to look at the picture first. The captions are placed right below the shoe and as the only words elaboration is in the statements. This allows the hidden and frontal message to be conveyed effectively.

P.urpose: The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness of child labour.
A.udience: Customers of Nike and other sports shoes
C.ontext: It causes people to think about where and how they get their products.
C.ulture: The picture is of a well-known brand and is more relatable to others.

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