Friday, 22 April 2016

Creative Writing Task 5-Gabriel

Dear John,
There’s nothing to write about except the itch on the pimple on my forehead. It's like a volcano smack in the middle of the ocean, with nothing but skin all around it. The itch troubles me terribly, but I do not dare to touch it, for fear of creating an eruption of white pus.
Everything at home is boring except doing homework. The pile of homework on my table is like a mountain, which I have to climb. I keep getting distracted by all kinds of things, from the roaring of vehicles to my phone beside me. How I feel like just lying down on my bed and sleeping like a log, but I really have to finish my homework.
I haven't been doing much except going to the gym to work out. As I run three kilometres every day, I feel like I am running a full marathon. But after weeks of training, my stamina is gradually improving and now I can almost run the three kilometres without breaking a sweat.
What’s been happening in your life? It’s fun to get letters with such a boring life.
Your friend,

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