Friday, 22 April 2016

Goh Cheng Yang CW 4

  After a night of howling weather, I went out early just to see cars crushed under trees, with water around me reach up to my knee. I imagined myself wading around in knee-deep water, with people who did not make it in time back home last night sleeping in umbrellas floating around aimlessly. I imagined an overflown river, flooding all farm crops around it. I opened the door.

  The bright Sun revealed the world around me. The river flowed normally, with beavers diving in, one by one. The farm crops around the river remained untouched. There was no flood, no knee-deep water. I breathed in the cool, refreshing air as I stepped out into the sunshine. Birds flew in circles around me, singing as they went. Cats and dogs travelled around the village aimlessly.

  Walking around the modern village, I heard cars honking and people shouting as the cars in front blocked the road. I continued walking, and saw houses with curtains drawn on both sides. I walked past an alley and saw some cats. Seeing their sharp claws and evil-looking eyes, I hurried away, not wanting to be attacked. I filed past shop after shop, peering inside as I walked. I went to a shop, and the owner stared at me like I was a suspicious character. Looking at the owner's glance, I immediately turned and walked back home, not wanting to be a prowler on a no good errand.

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