Monday, 11 April 2016

Poster Analysis

Image: This picture shows a revolver with cigarettes as the bullets stored in it.
Colour: Background is grey and plain, thus the revolver stands out in the picture.
Words: This image contains words on the top right-hand side corner, saying, "Smoking Kills". From this, we can infer that the image is trying to say that cigarettes are like the bullets, therefore smoking can kill us, just like a gun. 
Typographical Features: The words are written in capital letters, to emphasise how dangerous it is.
Layout: The main focus is on the revolver. It shows that cigarettes are no different from bullets, therefore smoking can kill you just like a gunshot.

Purpose: To tell smokers that smoking can kill.
Audience: Smokers
Context: Smoking kills
Culture: Smoking is bad for health and kills.

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