Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Creative Writing 5 (Lucas)

Dear Chin Siang,

There's nothing to write about now except the strand of hair on my paper. It is at the bottom left corner of my paper, and it will probably be blown away soon, just like all hair strands. It makes me feel sad, the something so weak could be blown away by something as simple and petty as wind.

Everything at home is boring except when I found a childhood toy that I thought I had lost. It was a tiny toy car that was put away at the back of my rusty old cupboard. It was still in good condition as it was eight years ago, before I lost it. The bright red vehicle shimmered under the sunlight as it rested on the corner of my table.

I haven't been doing much except my Alternative Assessment for my Chinese Language. It is probably the only "fun" exam there will ever be. I made an advertisement about a Mother Tongue Fortnight, and I am quite happy with it. Being my first advertisement, I am really quite satisfied with it.

What's been happening with you? I hope to hear from you soon. Farewell!

Your friend,

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