Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Situational writing

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Singapore 126573

7 April 2016

Dear cousin John

How’s life? I hope you are fine there in New York. Ever since the last time in 2014 you went with us on a trip to Japan, I haven’t met up with you. I heard from my mother that you, aunt Mary and uncle Tim is planning to come to Singapore. Thus, I am very excited to share with you some information about Singapore and hope that you would find it useful and would like to come on a trip to Singapore and visit me too.
Firstly, there are two must visit cultural places in Singapore. They are Chinatown and Little India. These cultural places of interest would attract lots of tourists every year. There are beautifully restored shophouses, colonial buildings and modern buildings in Chinatown. Other than that, there are religious landmarks of different faiths over that. Plus, get to experience the old-fashion way of life by taking a trishaw ride around the vicinity. Pop into traditional medicine halls, teahouses and quirky cafes. You could also bargain at a lively street market where you can buy souvenirs, fashion apparel and leather goods. After that, you could go to Little India to walk around one of the most colourful districts in Singapore. You could also enter gaily painted shophouses selling traditional Indian apparel, gold bangles, spices and other wares. You could also pick up last-minute souvenirs at the 24-hour shopping centre, Mustafa Centre. Be sure to not miss some of Little India’s speciality - fish head curry, a uniquely Singaporean dish.
There are also modern attractions that might be able to interest you. For example, the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay. The Singapore Flyer is the world’s biggest observation wheel. You could take in the panoramic views of Singapore’s iconic landmarks- Marina Bay, Merlion Park and Empress Place. You could also dine in with us while enjoying the great views of the city. Plus, take on a role of a pilot using the Real Flight Simulator. Located next to Marina Reservoir, Gardens by the Bay offers breath-taking waterfront views. This multi-award winning horticultural destination spans 101 hectares of reclaimed land, and is made up of two main areas – Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden. At Gardens by the Bay, there are the “Super-sized trees”, “Flower Dome”,”Cloud Forest”,”Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes” and much more. The Super-sized trees are not real trees, they are just man-made structures. But they resemble trees and are very, very tall. They are between 9 to 16 storeys high. The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest are the two domes that I look forward to visiting with you. I simply love the faint smell of the different flowers in both domes and the sight of the manmade waterfall in the cloud forest would always take my worries away.
Well, I know that you love to eat. Thus, Singapore would be a perfect destination for you. You could try the wide range of mouth-watering food at Kopitiam, a unique Singapore place. For example, you could try the spicy laksa or even the well-known satay. Other delicious food such as the Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam and rojak would also certainly attract your attention to eat them.
Well, I wish I could write more but I have to go and thus I feel that this letter would make up your mind to come to Singapore and experience the lovely places and as well to visit me.
Your Cousin
Hng Kang


  1. "Dear cousin John" remove 'cousin', name is sufficient

    First paragraph contains useless and irrelevant information

    The letter is too long, you should shorten it a lot.

  2. "I heard from my mother that you, aunt Mary and uncle Tim [is] planning..." isn't it supposed to be "are"

    You are just lifting information from the flyer and you could break down the paragraphs. In the 2nd paragraph, you do not seem excited to visit the places with your cousin and you do not seem to be persuading him to go to this places. The tone in which you type in is like a robot giving out information. In your next letter, I feel you should write in a more lively tone and not lift everything from the flyer, instead, change a few of the words and mention the important points