Sunday, 1 May 2016

Informal Persuasive Letter Gabriel Yap

6 Sim Lim Park
Singapore 234234

6 April 2016

Dear Tom
I am delighted that your family is staying in Singapore. I wish I could spend more time with your family. Nonetheless, let’s have a great time together while your family is in Singapore.
As most of the attractions only open at ten in the morning, your family can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel before starting our trip. Our first destination will be Chinatown, Singapore’s bustling but historical town. At Chinatown, you can visit old buildings, dating as way back as the British colonial time, as well as other modern buildings. There are also various religious place of worship, not just Chinese, but also that of other religions. Also, many businesses fill the area, ranging from old shophouse selling Chinese medicine to modern cafes. Finally, there is a street market where everything from souvenirs to clothing to leather ware can be bargained for. All these historical buildings can also be enjoyed from a comfortable trishaw. The second cultural location is Little India, where there are similar shophouses as Chinatown, but selling a completely different array of goods, such as gold ware and space. Fish head curry, a Singaporean dish, is also Little India’s speciality. Your family can pick up more souvenirs a Mustafa Centre, a shopping centre there.
There are two modern attractions that I want to bring you to. Firstly, the Singapore Flyer. Enjoy breath-taking views from the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin. From the flyer, you can see various Singapore landmarks, such as Marina Bay, the Merlion and Empress Place. You can also dine in the flyer, but I don't recommend it as all the mouth-watering Singaporean dishes can mostly be found in the hawker centres. The second place is Orchard Road, where your hotel is situated. Even though the shopping district is right on your doorstep, you won’t have much time to go shopping there on your own what with all the activities I have already placed put for your family. So, I will bring you around the bustling Orchard Road, where there are several shopping centres, each a stone’s throw away from the next. Go on a shopping spree at the shopping malls for everything from clothing to bags to shoes to other accessories. After shopping for a few hours, your family can rest their weary feet the hotel room and turn in for the night.
There are a few local dished the must be tried. First is the Curry Fish Head, which can be found in Little India. Other delicacies include laksa, curry with noodles and Chilli Crab, crab with piping-hot chilli sauce drizzled over it. All these food can be found at any hawker centres or coffee shops, which I will bring your family to.
I hope that your family is agreeable to the itinerary. I really look forward to your family coming to Singapore!
Your cousin,


  1. The letter is nice but there should be paragraphing between the introduction and the body. You should have listed all the food range available.

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