Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Chin Ray Poem Recitation


  1. Pronunciation and articulation: Band 3) Generally clear pronunciation, however some words were pronounced wrongly, such as "loveliest", "then all was still"
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: Band 3) Reading was fluent, and there was a pace. However, sometimes the rhythm was disrupted, such as the during dialogues.
    Pitch and tone: Band 2) Pitch was quite monotonous, and the tone is quite wrong, especially at that part where the husband called the wife to throw the ring away.
    Pause: Band 2) The pauses did not really add to the dramatic effect and the meaning of the poem. Could be better.
    Power: Band 1) Could be better.

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  3. Pronunciation and Articulation: Band 3 - Generally clear pronunciation and articulation with occasional errors
    - Some words are mispronounced: e.g. "gouged" was pronounced as "goged"; "oh" was pronounced as "ho"; "loveliest" was pronounced as "loviest"; "give me" was pronounced as "gimme"; "chill" was pronounced as "chew"; "worry" was read too quickly, leading to some mispronunciation; "the" in "the door" was not read; "it'll" was pronounced as "it will"; "sill" was pronounced as "still"; "then all was still" was read as "the air was still"

    Rhythm, Pace and Fluency: Band 3 - A mainly fluent reading with some mistakes in stress and rhythm
    - Overall pace was okay
    - The skeleton's voice is supposed to be slow and creepy, yet it was recited quite quickly

    Pitch and Tone: Band 3 - Pitch and tone were used often, but the emotion it conveyed did not always fit the content of the poem
    - The different characters' voices were not differentiated clearly enough, with some possible misunderstanding
    - "THROW IT AWAY" was not read loudly enough

    Pause: Band 1 - Pauses were not used intentionally
    - Punctuation: an ellipsis is supposed to be followed by a long pause, which was left out; "glowed on her finger. They" - the full stop was left out
    - No attempt to put deliberate pauses to add effect.

    Power: Band 2 - Vocal power was rarely sustained to the end of phrases and modulated

    Total: 12/20

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