Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sim Hng Kang Poem Recitation

My Poem Recitation


  1. Pronunciation was generally clear. You read "notes" as "tiles" in the first stanza. There was appropriate rhythm and pace. Pitch and tone conveyed the emotions really well. There were dramatic pauses. Power could be stronger.

  2. Pause at the wrong pace but there is pauses, power. I cannot tell the rhythm but pace is good.Pitch and tone were well used.Generally quite well done

  3. Pronunciation and articulation: Band 3) Some occasional problems, but quite well done
    Rhythm, pace and fluency: Band 4) Appropriate rhythm and pace.
    Pitch and tone: Band 4) Pitch and tone appropriately told the story behind the poem.
    Pause: Band 4) Pauses were used wisely
    Power: Band 3) Power can be improved.

  4. Great pause and expression. However, you can have a bit more power and rhythm to your recitation.