Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Learning Logs (Raena)

Date: 14 June 2016
What I did: I was on social media and this article caught my attention.
What I learnt:
Vigil: An instance of keeping awake during normal sleeping hours, especially to keep watch or pray.
Many Singaporeans came together to remember the victims of the Orlando shooting. They held electric candles, sang songs such as ‘Heal The World’ and held a minute of silence.

Date: 16 June 2016
What I did: I was checking for the latest news on the Straits Times website when I chanced upon this article.
What I learnt:
Haemorrhage: A heavy release of blood within or from a body.
A car with a family of four crashed into a tree along Lentor Avenue. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene and her husband has been arrested for causing death by a rash act. The two boys, aged three and six, suffered serious injuries to the head and spinal injuries respectively.

Date: 18 June 2016
What I did:I was on social media and I saw this article in my feed.
What I learnt:
Scuffle: A rough disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters
A bus driver’s daughter was angered when a woman entered the bus with a drink and started yelling at her. When she was told to calm down as she was scaring the woman’s daughter, she choked the ten-year-old and chased the girl around the interchange when she escaped. The next day, she attacked a fourteen-year-old for a similar reason and got into a fight with her mother.

Date: 6 June 2016
What I did: I wanted to know more about Singapore’s crime history so I looked for articles on the Straits Times.
What I learnt:
Tumultuous: Noisy and disorderly
Perpetual: Lasting forever, or for an indefinitely long time
A man, who was treated badly by his lover, killed her and her daughter with a knife in a fit of rage. He then went to the kitchen to get a different weapon before attacking their flatmates. He slashed the fifteen-year-old girl while her mother ran out. She tried to escape from the kitchen window and was hanging from a bamboo pole, where the man cut her fingers and she fell to her death. He went back to the room and continued slashing the girl, who survived the ordeal.

Date: 22June 2016
What I did: I read the newspapers and this article caught my attention.
What I learnt:
Presumptive: Based on presumption, probability, conjecture, hypothesis or belief
A British teenager learnt to shoot at a shooting range a day before going to Donald
Trump’s rally at Las Vegas. There, he struck up a conversation with a police officer and tried to grab his gun to end Donald Trump’s life. He failed and was arrested.

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