Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yew Chin Siang's Learning Logs

June Holidays Week 2:



Sources: The Straits Times

What I Did: I read some of the articles

1st Article:

What I Did Not Know:
1) Trevally: A type of fish

Summary:A tiny fish was trapped in a jellyfish but it was still alive and the person who witnessed this decided to let nature run its course and not interfere with what was happening.

2nd Article:

What I Did Not Know:
1)Curated: To take charge of or to pull together
2)Smattering: Slight or superficial
3)Stint: To be frugal

Summary:An extremely expensive bag worth about $400,000 was auctioned and it was bought in a mere four seconds

3rd Article:

What I Did Not Know:
1)Netizen: A user of the internet

Summary:A lady who started off making dumplings just as a hobby turned it into a delicious dumpling that was a big hit with the people

4th Article:

What I Did Not Know:
1)Taint: A trace of something bad

Summary:A maid mixed the employer's baby's milk with her urine and she got discovered when the employer's wife wanted to drink some water and realised that it was odd that it smelled weird and tasted weird.

5th Article:

What I Did Not Know:
1)Concurrently: Simultaneously
2)Endemic: Confined to a particular place

Summary:A Malaysian man smuggled six puppies into Singapore with no proper care or license and the puppies are now quarantined and taken special care of to ensure no diseases like rabies will start spreading.

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