Saturday, 4 June 2016

Lucas Tan Learning Log 4

June Holidays Week 1
11am - 12pm


What I Did:
I decided to go to the Ted website to look for some interesting videos to watch.

What I Learnt:

Words I did not know:

interweaves - weave or become woven together

For an animation to look interesting, there is something that helps it to look life-like and real. The computer can make the 3-dimensional world, but what makes the scene actually look realistic is the lighting. For example, if there was an underwater scene, you would need to know that the further away it gets, the less clear it gets. The animators actually filmed an underwater scene just to recreate the lighting in the animation, during the production of Finding Nemo. They also need the lighting to help to show focus on a certain character, or what time of the day it is, and even the reflection in something's eyes.

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