Thursday, 28 January 2016

Adib's Task 1 and 2

 Task 1

          These are my earliest memories. I was only a few years old then. I felt so short. I wanted a cup. I was in the kitchen, looking up at the rack filled with cups. I kept on staring at the cups. Being unknowledgeable at the time and not knowing what to do, I defecated in my diapers. I looked around and saw my sister. She had short hair then compared to now, chubbier than what she looks like now, but still as fair as ever. Though she is very pretty now. I gave her a sort of signal, and she brought me to the toilet as how she usually does when my mother isn't home. Those were my earliest memories.

Task 2

          The cemetery lay before him. After being threatened to enter the cemetery at night, and had his wallet held hostage, he went to the cemetery as a dare by the older boys. It was dark, with only a glimpse of light shone down on Tyler. The air smelled of stone, with a hint of grass. Hootings of owls screech through the night. Telling himself he could do it, he approached the cemetery.

          As he entered the cemetery, with the older boys standing at the only way that leads to the outside, waving his wallet, he had thought he saw what looked like part of a glowing white dress vanishing behind a tree in his peripheral vision. Tyler turned to look, but nothing was beyond the tree. All of a sudden he felt like something was looking over his shoulder. He, of course, turned behind but found nothing. Right after that, he felt as if something was whispering in his ear and it felt like was someone breathing on his neck. Looking around much more cautiously, he thought to himself that it was all his brain tricking him, but his tone of voice was far from a tone that was certain.

          Right at that point, he saw multiple shimmering lights, as if they were invisible objects giving off light and vanishing behind another tree. He saw them several times, but couldn't see them properly. That was the last straw. He bolted with neck-breaking speed, pushed through the older boys blocking the entrance with inhuman strength while managing to snatch his wallet away. Running so fast and so far, he had lost three kilograms by that point.

         He now knows better than to go in a cemetery at night for a wallet.

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