Thursday, 28 January 2016

Joshua Lee's creative writing task 2

  The street lay before young Tim. Great big brick houses loomed over him as walked down the long and winding road. Darkness fell and created an eerie shadow over the buildings, the dim light of the lamps made little difference. The soft sounds of the patter of feet on the wet ground echoed around the alley, sending chills down Tim's spine. 'I am a brave boy. I am a brave boy; I am not scared of anything. I just need to go out to buy some bread,' Tim told himself.

  He ambled down the road, wary of his surroundings for it was an infamous street that he was on. Suddenly, a loud crunch came from a poorly lit alley. Tim turned around to face the noise, and he spotted a pair of little red eyes, but they disappeared as soon as they appeared.

  Tim walked a little faster after that; he told himself that he was just imagining it and continued walking briskly without breaking pace, checking his surroundings constantly. For a while, there was peace and silence. Without warning, hundreds of pairs of beady red eyes popped out from nowhere and a chorus of high- pitched squeaks erupted. Tim ran hastily as fast as his feet could carry him; he knew not where to run but hid behind a crate breathing heavily.

  He wished he had not volunteered to buy the bread.

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