Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative writing task 1 (Rae)


My earliest memories
   One of my earliest memories was my mother. She was still pretty young when I was a young child. Her hair, solid black, was smooths, shiny, at shoulder length, with her fringe touching her eyes. Her face, with rosy cheeks, was not extremely smooth but was not full of wrinkles either. She loved listening to old Chinese and Cantonese songs, and would sometimes hum the tune of it when she was doing housework.

    A place i used to play in was my uncle’s house. It was a terrace house, 3 stories high. At the gate, was a metal swing. It was old, with the white paint chipping off, but my cousins and I still enjoyed playing with it. Of course, as young, active kids, we loved climbing up and down on the staircase, our steps making loud, irritating noises. We would play until we were exhausted and out of breath, but would only be satisfied if we were.

   A place in my earliest memory is my home. I grew up there, so it gives me a sense of security. I remember, the kitchen, was the place i was most interested in. When my father was baking cookies, i would always try to help. The kitchen always had a smell of appetising food when someone was cooking, and even if no one was, i would always rummage the cupboard for titbits, and would never leave empty handed.

   This were my earliest memories


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