Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1&2

Creative Writing 1:
  My grandma, I recalled her every day waking up at 10 a.m sharp without avail. Her short, curled up red hair, wearing a simple plain T-shirt and a dark coloured shorts. My memories with her were rather vague, but I still recalled going out at 11, crossing the same street everyday, buying ingredients for dinner. The hot sun would always bake the road with occasional breezed every now and then. Even though I stopped living with her now, I could still remember the very same gloomy storeroom where I used to play hide-and-seek with her. Even though her reprimands were always in a mixture of Chinese and Hokkien; all Greek to me, I will still forever remember them in my heart.
  Another of my earliest memories was this street soccer court, it was under a tall but frail tree which blocks the intense rays of the sun from frying us. I was always there from 5 to 7 p.m., and I could remember the strong smell of decaying leaves, which I utterly enjoyed as a kid. The walls were run-down, and I could see a mixture of red paint and rust on the soccer goal. The vibrations of the metal fence surrounding the court throughout the area will be forever etched in my mind.
  I also remembered the house where I used to live with my grandma; it was not particularly big, but it was just right for the whole family. I remembered everyday, looking at that tiny dim lightbulb in my bedroom with absolute pity; it was as if it was about to fuse any moment. The old grandfather clock in that very room always brings back memories with its eerie ticking sounds every night, preventing me from sleeping.
  These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing 2:
  The pavement laid before John, the surroundings was extremely quiet with occasional creaking of the cricket, the whole area was engulfed with huge and menacing graffiti with dried leaves crackling together in an eerie tone, Despite all those noises, John felt relaxed, enjoying the cool breeze, " This is so refreshing!" he told himself.
  Suddenly, a faint noise resonated in a distance, John immediately became nervous as he glanced behind his back to see a black sihouette following  him, John then took a deep breath, mustered all his courage and turned behind, only to find the shadow was gone, " Am I seeing things?" John thought ,cold sweat trickled down his neck as he took a few teetering steps before running like there was no tomorrow.
  The sounds grew louder and louder, with the black figure following John's tail, and now that figure had blinking green lights, fixated on John.  John tried all efforts in admonishing himself about the existence of ghost, but his efforts were futile, fear was like a venom coursing through his veins, sending him into a feverish frenzy, and start dashing even faster like an escaped lunatic. He missed when his rubber soles was the only sound in the deserted pavement, now, it was accompanied by a sharp squeak behind him, the scent of the surroundings was no longer refreshing. Instead, the smell of fear lingered around.
  He prayed vehemently, wishing that the devilish creature would stop chasing him, and regretted not listening to his mum who had weaned him, "Never go walking alone during dark.".

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