Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative writing task 2 (Rae)

 The dark street lay before her. It was like ghost town, with no other living things in sight except the tall and bushy trees. The lights from the street lamps were shining dimly. “This is like those haunted houses i visit at amusement parks,” she told herself. But she mustered up her courage and continued walking.

     Then she heard a faint noise, a spooky and eerie one, it was whistling. She turned her head, left, right and back, but there was not a single soul. So where could the whistling sound come from, if it was not from a human being? Her heart started pounding, she quickened her steps, hoping that her home would quickly be in her sight.

    The whistling becomes louder, louder than ever. It was as though someone was whistling right before her, and she could recognise the song of the whistling, it was the song played in the horror movie. She screamed and started to run, not knowing where she wanted to go already, as long as she could go somewhere that had a few people, and not a cold, dark and creepy street.

  She knew, she would never walk on this street again, never.

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