Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ray Wehn's Creative Writing Task 1

      One of my earliest memories began in my grandmother’s room. My grandmother was looking at herself in the huge mirror placed next to her bed. She had grey curly hair and was wearing a flower-patterned shirt. She sat down on a green chair next to her bed and turned on the television. She would watch shows on nature and loved to share stories of them with me.

      One of the places I used to play was the grass patch near the carpark of my block. My mother brought my brother and I down from my house to the grass patch near the carpark. My brother would look for ants on the grass and snails on trees, while I would run off and look for heavy objects that were left on the grass patch. I would lift them up and look for earthworms. The earthworms would climb out of the soil.

      One of the things I loved most about my house is the scenery. Whenever I am sad or stressed, I would look out of my window and enjoy the beautiful and calming view of the forest. The forest stretched from Choa Chu Kang all the way to Jurong. The birds chirping and the greenery calms me. These are my earliest memories.

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