Thursday, 28 January 2016

Chin Siang Creative Writing (1)

Creative Writing Number 1:

  One of my earliest memories was with my third helper.She wore normal clothes and had freckles.She also had hair that never reached her shoulders and always wore a hairband that had the exact same colour of her jet black hair. She was always there for me when i cried and i was mischievous and young,so i used to make fun of her religion, which now i think back at it is kind of impolite.I also used to ask her to sing a children’s song for me, the same one every time, to enlighten me.She had a sweet voice and i will always end up rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.Out of every helper that had been hired by my parents, the third one was hands down the best and my favourite one.

  The place that i used to love playing at is what i nicknamed it ‘White Shelter’.It had an enormous piece of cloth over the place.I used to ride my tricycle that was my favourite toy then down the path and up the ledge.My father would laugh everytime he saw me do that and after a few rounds around it i would play badminton with him.I was still quite young and could barely hit the shuttlecock, so everytime that i did, i would take it as an achievement.The laughter and shouting of the children at the nearby excercise corner will forever be etched in my mind.

  It is my house in Malaysia,Kuching.It is a two storey bungalow and was so spacious i could run around the house as if it were a field.The living room was enormous and right beside it would be my uncle’s room.Right opposite would be my second uncles’s room, which is also the room i stay in whenever i visit my grandparents and cousins.There would be a second room next to it for relaxing and right behind it would be a kitchen like no other.The kitchen included every cooking equipment under the sun and where all my house’s delicacies were made and all the laundry was done.My house also had a garden and a carpark which kept all the seven or eight cars safe.

  And these were my earliest memories.

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