Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing

Task 1( My Earliest Memories)
Done by: Chloe Wong

One of my memories is my mother. I remember her then long and dark, black hair which flowed down her shoulders I remember the ever so gentle and delicate way she held me, carefully swaying me slowly, which made me fall asleep. I also remember her bright and smiling beautiful face beaming at me.
I remember the place that I played in was a small little playhouse. It was tucked in a corner beside the kitchen. The playhouse was bright and colourful. It came in blue, red and yellow. The playhouse was a little tent with flaps that covered the entrance. I always filled the tiny space with all my soft toys and Barbie dolls. I could play for hours as time crept past with top speed.
I remember the slope that we would always drive down which led to the carpark. This sight would always be my signal that we were home. My house was not very large but not too small either. When we stepped into the door, the first place that I would see is the living room with the grey sofa and glass table. The living room would always be a place where I watched TV. These are my earliest memories.  

Task 2( Getting Scared)

The secluded and dark alley lay before her. The alley would be pitch black if not for the dim lights shone from the tall and thin street lights. The echoing of her heels on the concrete floor was the only sound that could be heard through the lonely alley. The revolting smell of the drain near the alley lingered in the air. “ This is going to be fine,” Mary told herself.
At the corner of her eye, a shadow fluttered across the wall. Quick and large, the shadow was, fluttering from wall to wall around her. The night was darker and more still than ever and home was quite a distance away. Mary quickened her pace and told herself to keep on walking. 
Suddenly, the shadow seemed to appear on every wall, dancing all around Mary, as if teasing her. The sound of someone or something could be heard rushing quickly all around Mary. Ignoring her exhaustion, Mary ran straight, just straight, until she caught sight of home. With a rush a desperation, she pushed the door open, slamming it behind her.
Mary had never felt so relieved in her life and regretted not listening to her parent’s who had warned her: never walk by yourself after dark.

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