Thursday, 28 January 2016

M. Faqih Akmal CWT 1 and 2

Creative Writing Task 1         
Muhammad Faqih Akmal, 17

          My uncle was so tall that nobody could ever touch his head. His body was bulging with rock-hard muscles and his face was so handsome as if he was an angel. He loved to play soccer. He had the fastest pace in town until a goal was scored within seconds, everyone was very still. He had a skill of a thousand player combined.

         The field beside my grandmother's house was so huge that it can fit a plane. Greeneries on the field, streams of water pouring from a mountain and trees surround the area. The gentle breeze there was just perfect for kite flying and it was such a beautiful scenery.

         My house was the most outstanding in town. The colours are just dazzling and eye-catching. On the roof, I can hear children playing soccer, laughing and birds chirping harmoniously. Even the stream of water beside my house cannot be any clearer. These are my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2        
Muhammad Faqih Akmal, 17

         James was walking into a deep dark alley. The sun had set and the sky was dark with the twinkling of small shiny starts. He stepped into a puddle of water that was gleaming in the street light. Dustbins were scattered everywhere and the smell was unpleasant. “It's just dark. Everything is the same in the light,” James thought to himself.

         He continued walking confidently but not for long. He sensed that someone was following behind him. He dared not to, but he turned around to check it out. Suddenly, it vanished into thin air and that made him walk briskly. Goosebumps were all over his body as he tried only to face forward.

         James felt a huge hand gripping his shoulder. Strange sounds of laughter were heard and it was all overwhelming. That urged him to run without direction as it was a life and death situation. He closed his eyes tightly hoping for the end of the alley. He saw a light over him and sounds of traffic. He was gasping heavily.

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