Thursday, 28 January 2016


She had short mushroom-like hair with crooked teeth and always wore baggy jeans with a polo shirt. Her eyes were always full of joy and friendliness. She loved to chew on marshmallows and sweets, and it made her earrings sparkle in the light.

                   A place I enjoyed playing when I was little was my auntie’s house. Even though her house lacked of toys, I enjoyed playing with her cats. They were loving and friendly. Sometimes, when I was young, I would sneak up the stairs into my uncles room to play games with the cats by my side.

                  I really enjoyed sitting on the coach and watching tv. It was soft under my body and had little teddy bear prints on it. It was my very own coach near the window. From my coach, I could see the trees and sometimes yellow minors perched on them. It was a beautiful sight.

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