Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 and 2

Name: Chin Zhi Khang
Class: S1-04

Creative Writing Task 1

One of my earliest memories was with my paternal grandmother. She always has a sweet smile on top of a wrinkled face and grey hair. She always walks around limping a bit more to her left. She always creates jokes with my younger sisters and me.
    My favourite place during my childhood was a park in Kuala Lumpur, where I used to stay. I have already forgotten what the park was called, but I do remember that I go there weekly with my family. It was also the place I learnt how to cycle and also the place I fell and got a scar on my leg! It was the most memorable times of my childhood.
    This place was where I grew up from young before I moved to Singapore for primary school education. It was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and it was my house.
It was a terrace house, two stories high. I remembered when I played with my cousin, running up and down the stairs. I used to enjoy killing the flies that went into my house before dinner as I felt that I had learnt something new.

    These were my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2

The downhill street lay before him. Street lights flickered while some were out. An icy cold breeze blew around him. It was quiet, all the way down the street. All the lights in the house were out. A lone figure strolled down the street, wearing a jacket with the hood over his head. The place was deserted. Jack was feeling exhilarated since it was the first time he was walking down the street alone.
    Jack continued to walk down the familiar street with his head down. Suddenly, he heard soft scampering noises behind him. He turned behind and thought he saw a shadow moving into an alley under the dim flickering lights. “Who...who is there?” Jack stammered as he turned around. When he found that the shadow had vanished, he turned back and continued walking. His slow stroll quickened, and he was on his way to his house up front.
    Another shadow ran past behind him much closer than the first one. He looked back and subsequently quickened his pace. As he turned back, he thought that another shadow just passed by in front of him. He felt that his heart had skipped a beat. He stopped, checking his surroundings before starting to run forward.
    Jack finally reached his house and went in, shut his door and went straight up to his room. He should have listened to his parents, to stay at home when they are at home.

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