Thursday, 28 January 2016


The carpark lay before him. Deserted and silent in the centre of nowhere. Leaves and all kinds of litter crunched under his feet. It seemed like an abandoned area for years with weird stuff on the ground, decomposing.

                 He strode into the car park his nose held high in the air comforting himself while shoving all the rumors about that place out of his head.

                 He strode blindly into space when a low hissing sound filled the thick, filthy air. He snapped into reality as he spotted a white small white eye! One eye! It was staring back at him. His body stiffened as the eye disappeared. He stood silently, rooted to the spot, waiting, to see if the monster reappeared. For awhile, nothing. His body relaxed and he told himself to stop hallucinating. He let out a breath as he ventured deeper into the carpark.

                A few moments later, he heard the same hiss again, in fact, it started to turn into a soft growl. Was it a one-eyed bear that roamed this cave? He shivered and thought he saw something behind and spun, but nothing. His heart started running a marathon as he dashed into the darkness not knowing what lay ahead.

               Unfortunately, no one saw him ever again.

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