Thursday, 28 January 2016

Tan Jing Zhi Lucas (Creative Writing Task 1)

My Earliest Memories

One of my earliest memories is of my sister. She had short hair, reaching until about her jaw level. She wore a bright green singlet and red shorts. We would play in the living room all day, focusing on our toys and oblivious to everything else in our surroundings. Our helper, with much longer hair, would come over to play with us from time to time. At some point in time, we would end up clutching our stomachs, bursting into laughter for the weirdest reasons.

The place where I used to play was my living room. I would lie on the cold, hard white marble floor, and feel like never getting up. Around me, there would be many cupboards full of books, all towering above me. There was also that tiny screen that I would occasionally stare at for what seemed like an eternity. But what I remember the clearest, is the black leather sofa. I could spend hours jumping on it and would never get bored. That was the living room where I loved to play.

Another place in my home that I remember distinctly is the bedroom. Every night, two mattresses would lay on the ground next to my parents bed. My father would always read to my sister and I a bedtime story before we dozed off. Around me, the cupboards made me feel safe and cozy, and I would sleep soundly.

These were some of my earliest memories.

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