Thursday, 28 January 2016

Chin Siang Creative Writing (2)

  The park lay before him.The dried and dead leaves crumpled and rustled beneath his feet.There was nothing in the park except trees,owls,squirrels and the full moon's beam permeating through the holes in the trees.The owls hooted as Bob walked past its nest filled with little chicks.Bob felt exhilarated as he observed all the nocturnal wildlife.

  Out of the blue, Bob saw a glimpse of light by the corner of his eye.He peered over his shoulders to find little glowing lights illuminating in the dark night.Goosebumps spread across his arms like a disease and he nearly let out a sharp high pitched scream that could have woken up the dead.

  Just as Bob thought it couldn't get any worse, hundreds more started glowing as if they were the stars in the dark night sky.Bob then started sprinting to the opposite side so fast he felt like he left a trail of smoke behind.Running like one of the three blind mice, he dived into a pile of leaves like a professional rugby player and started cringing, shaken to the core.

  Filled with regret and remorse, Bob wished he could go back in time and listened to his friends who told him not to go to the park alone at night.

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