Thursday, 28 January 2016

Yeo Jia Hao Calvin (Creative Writing Task 2) Grammarlied and Corrected

  The closed-down school lay before Mary, tempting her to enter it. The white walls were covered with mould. The school gate has already rusted badly. Shadowy figures seemed to appear behind the cracked windows, but nevertheless, Mary felt welcomed, and the adventurous girl made her first step into the forbidden building.

  "Here we go!"

  Eyes wide and chest out, she explored the school with curiosity. Classroom after classroom, Mary calmly took a stroll down the hallway. The immense stench of stray animal dung radiated through the corridor. This was when something moved in her corner of her eye. The crickets' ringing did not help bring down the eeriness of the atmosphere. "Nah, ghosts aren't real," Mary whispered under her breath before she almost tripped over a misplaced tile.

  Suddenly, Mary thought she heard squeaky wheels rolling on the floor, the creepy sound getting louder and louder. She got down on the floor, still trying to avoid the centipedes and cockroaches scurrying around. Horrific, gory images flowed through her mind uncontrollably. Panic was soon coming to overwhelm her.

  She wished she had listened to her superstitious relatives.

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