Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1&2

Creative Writing Task 1

My Earliest Memories

One of my earliest memories was me sitting on a tall baby chair in the kitchen. My mother was there too, cooking up a storm. It smelled delicious. My mother was an average height person, donning smart but casual home clothes. A red top and a pair of white shorts. She still kept her long hair, and a smile. I wither her curiously, stopping her with a “Ma Ma!” whenever I needed to drink water. It was a smile I cannot forget.

    One place I played in when I was young was my parents’ bedroom, or mine when I was young. There was a huge bed, lower than what it is now, but still satisfactory. It had pillows and bolsters, also my sister and my soft toys, which I sometimes played with. There was a sofa bed, which could extend into a mattress, which my sister and I used to sleep on. It had many bigger soft toys, about my size when I was five. There also was a cupboard, a dull one, which was used for a reason too old for me to remember.

    A place where I lived in, there was a tortoise, a fake or real one, I will never find out, as it was removed when I was four. It was black, and was placed on a green stool. I was always tried to touch and feel it, yet I didn’t. There was a long table, with statues of gods placed above it. I learnt to walk there. I still remember the time I finally started to walk, and fell, causing me to cry.

    These were my earliest memories.

Creative Writing Task 2

A Scary Tale

The street lay before him. The only source of light was the moon god itself. It was majestically white and bright. Everything else was buildings and buildings, broken lamp posts and run-down cars. The eerie feeling was enough to scare a middle-aged man. “It is going to be alright!” Jerry told himself.

    Jerry held his mini torchlight confidently. Suddenly, he heard a wild sound of a wolf. Jerry turned around and shone his torchlight at the mysterious source. A shadow appeared behind him and disappeared as he slowly turned his head to his full body. The built was just right for a werewolf! Jerry quickened his pace, almost hitting a run-down car. The “werewolf” was following him!

    The howling started again. The shadow increased in built. The faster Jerry went, the faster the shadow trailed in darkness. At that moment, howling started, having some volume and sound. Jerry met his limit. He dropped his torchlight. Scrambling for it, he rushed away, home in plain sight. He ran into the house. The light was on. The werewolf appeared in front of him!

    Jerry regretted going for supper at midnight. Now, he was on the run from a werewolf!

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