Thursday, 28 January 2016

Yeo Jia Hao Calvin (Creative Writing Task 1) Grammarlied and Corrected

  Her hair was pitch black, tied up with a fluorescent hair band. She would always have a big bright smile whenever I saw remind me of her as that was her "signature style" of clothing. This lady was my domestic helper from several years after several years ago, Aunt Yati.

  The gleaming yellow swing I would always sit on appeared in my memory. It was accompanied with a navy blue slide that would always have fallen, crunchy leaves on it. If I were lucky enough, I would dash to the milky grey see-saw and welcomed a friend to play with me. The playground was surrounded by gigantic lush trees with leaves that rustled when the cooling wind blew. This place was where I played when I was a toddler.

  I will always remember that small little dusty corner in my parents' bedroom that I would cover it with my bolsters, blankets and pillows. I always called it my "Rest Corner". After playing, tiredness would always lead me to this corner.

  These memories, I would remember forever.

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